Tappin’ The Fridge

Today’s post is going to serve as a shout out to one of Wifey’s many cousins.  In order to maintain and preserve his anonymity here on the internet, I’ll just refer to him as “Mr. Smith”.


Recently I visited the humble abode of Mr. Smith in order to liberate a bed which he had chosen to set free.  As we arrived, we found him finishing up a brilliant modification on the refrigerator stationed in his garage.  The process involved a corded Dewalt drill with a bubble level in the back (I have one just like it that I got when I turned 30.  It’s not as curvaceous as the gift from my 25th birthday, but I’m at least allowed to bring it in the house), a tap, some tubing (not fallopian), a jug of CO2, and a keg loaded up with whatever beverage comes to mind.


Gone now are the days where it will be necessary for Mr. Smith to pick up a six or twelve pack, or even a case of the good stuff.


All he has to do now is get a glass and take a trip to the garage.


Brilliant, Mr. Smith.


If I drank enough beer to justify the cost and effort, I would be all over it for here at the compound.



Randy Tharp

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