Curves From The Past

Suffice to say, I’ve been trying to live up to the goals I set for myself this year.


As a pack rat who has tendencies of hoarding, I’ve been more aggressive about getting the garage cleaned out  this year than ever before.  I’m proud to announce that at this time, all of my power tools and other hardware (some of which may or may not have been purchased at Gunspoint mall around the same time I sold similar merchandise to one of those bearded guys in ZZ Top) are centrally located and easily identified in that diminishing pit I refer to as a garage.  That’s in direct contradiction to the randomly scattered pattern in which it was all in there before.


One of the happy benefits to getting things cleaned up in there has been the happy little surprises which have presented themselves from within their hiding places in assorted storage bins and copy paper boxes.


The most recent bit of treasure came in the form of a device which was created specifically for holding beverages contained in the miracle of cold aluminum cans.  It’s contours and other structural designs make it not only easier to hold, but also more pleasant to grasp.


If I remember correctly (…and I usually do), this device was given to me for my 25th birthday.


At this point, I wonder whether I should even dare to bring it into the house, or just pass on to a single individual who isn’t subject to the same level of taste and etiquette which frequents my day to day life.

Randy Tharp

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