The StayCation Diaries: Day 1

Editor’s note – So I had this bright, yet less than creative (or even original) idea to log the happenings of my vacation over the last week.  It never really materialized beyond day one.  That’s probably all the better for you.


12/24/2011 8:19 am central – Tharpster occupies the commode in the cold bathroom while checking his social networking and typing up a blog idea about what he’ll do in his time off for the next week.  At the same time, he’s listening to Shinedown, a band he discovered via Pandora earlier this year.


They rock.


A trip into the Texas hill country is on board for the day in order to go celebrate Christmas eve with Wifeys side of the family.


There will be queso.  (At this point, I wonder if the cold heartless bastards at Microsoft will ever understand how it irritates me to the core to see a red squiggly line under the word “queso”.)



Some work needs to be done on the shower this morning so the removable, hand held shower head can actually rest safely in its bracket.


There will be thread tape.


12/24/2011 1:37 pm – having arrived in the hill country residence of some in-laws, I’ve now gained access to their WIFI and iced sugar cookies.


I am now watching football on the 60″ while the women folk prepare the queso (seething).


There will be no Velveeta.


12/24/2011 3:45 pm –  I just tried to help Wifey cheat at Guess Who by texting a picture of Juniorette’s setting:


Wifey won before the text was received and viewed.


12/24/2011  5:32 pm – the family has now laid assault on the presents and the wrapping paper which confines them.  One of the in-laws gives me a Nerf gun.


What kind of fun can I have with this?

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