Cream Cheese: A Paradigm Shift

Editors note: Today’s blob has been composed on my iPhone using the growing thorn in my side which presents itself in the form of a virtual keyboard and an auto correct feature. Whereas I would. Or ally correct the goofy ass corrections which are completely out of context of what I’m writing, I’ve opted to leave the suggested corrections in there this time.


This last Thanksgiving provided two wonderful opportunities for me in which I would be a big bag of remiss if I didn’t share them with you.


The first opportunity came in the most traditional of manners where I actually exerted the effort to take the wire and kids out of town to see family. In 18 years of marriage, the. Umber of times that Wifey and I have end that for Thanksgiving can be counted on the left hand of my fathers late Uncle Johnny.


Just for the record, Johnny Flynn had the misfortune of pulling back a 2-3 fingered bloody nub one day while working on an oil well somewhere in west Texas sometime in the early part of last century.


MIT was nice to go see the whole gang together. Me if I could seize on the opportunities to go see Mom in Colorado on a more regular basis, that would cap it off.

Benefit number one being stated and set to the side, let’s talk about the unexpected little surprise I was introduced to during my visit.


Jalapeno Poppers.


Fry up some bacon and dice it up into small pieces.


“You had me at bacon.”


Even still, there’s more to do. Mix the bacon into a vat of cream cheese along with some garlic. Set the vat aside.


Now get some jalapeños and cut them in half. Take the seeds and spine thingys out. Got an itch in your eye or another sensitive region? Take care to remember that you have jalapeño go go juice in your fingers before you start scratching.


Lay the peppers out on a flat cookie sheet. Move the chocolate. Hip cookies off it first.

Remember the bacon?


Add the cream cheese mixture to each of the peppers. Now take some of those French fried onions which normally get added to a green bean casserole and sprinkle them over the top of each pepper.


Throw the whole thing in an oven for about 20 minutes.


Now here’s the key. If you want the peppers to be oven hot, it will be necessary to turn he oven on to about 350 degrees.


Otherwise, you can leave the oven off and experience the heat of the pepper instead.


Got it? Good.


This last week, I went to a Christmas party in which 75% of the finger food consisted of the same cream cheese mixture which made its way into the Jalapeño Poppers.


Unlike the grammatical and qualitative composition of this post, it’s pretty good stuff Maynard.

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