Tis The Season


Today, ladies and gentlemen, is the last day of my staycation.

On a positive note, the debutantes and crackheads who represent Dallas in the NFL were sent home last night in a loss to the Giants.

It’s a happy trade off.

Short of calling criticizers of Herman Cain racists, I haven’t posted a whole lot on politics lately. It’s a shame that the captain of 999 had to get out. Looking back on the events which forced him out, what ever happened? We haven’t heard anything else about the crop of accusers who kinda came forward, but really didn’t. In summary, I think it was a bag of dirty tricks which caused his unfortunate exit.

At this writing, the Iowa caucuses happen tomorrow. Right now, the two leaders in the polls represent the epitome of doosh baggery in my book. Whereas I would vote for either of them over the incumbent, neither of them are my first, second, third, fourth, fifth, sixth, or even seventh choice to run in the general election. At the same time, the news is a buzz about Donald Trump getting ready to make an independent run if the GOP nominates the wrong person.

Trump is smart, and should know that third party candidates split the vote in favor of the perceived bad guy.  Perot split the conservative vote in 92 and Nadar split the liberal one in 2000.

It does create an interesting scenario though. In the event that Ron Paul wins the nomination, Trump could very well provide a viable alternative to conservatives who find Paul’s isolationist stand to be an unpalatable position just to the left of Obama.

Speaking of Obama, what exactly is he running on? His record over the last three years has been abysmal at best. The only thing that really seems to draw him support among his sycophants and other minions is the continued presence of the creepy cult of personality in which Obama is deeply ensconced.

It would seem the man is just sitting back, drinking his White House brewed beer as he waits with the intent of allowing what the GOP has to offer to self immolate.

Overall, it’s not a very pretty picture.

At least Dallas is out of the running in the playoffs this year.

Vote Responsibly Y’all.

Randy Tharp

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