Facebook Chain Letters

In the last two weeks, I’ve been tagged twice in status updates which can only be characterized as the Facebook equivalent of a chain letter.

I guess I burned the dressing.

I’m sure you’ve seen these.

Naturally there are those who love these and those who hate them.  Of course there are plenty who could care less and even more who take no stand on the matter.

I’d like to know who comes up with these things in the first place.

Actually, I don’t care.   I only proffered the pondering in order to evoke additional thought on your part.  Call this the interactive portion of this post.

Finding the source of a Facebook chain letter, a physical chain letter, or even a really good joke is up there with taking on the moniker of Don Quixote and chasing windmills.  As such, I’m not going to waste your time or mine in doing so.

Rest assured I have plenty of other things to use when it comes to wasting your time.

Since I refuse to research where the flotsam and jetsam of social networking comes from, I’m going to take a different approach.

Ladies and gentlemen, I offer you a whole new level of content in Facebook chain mail.  Copy and paste this bad boy into your status updates and revolutionize the way you interact with casual acquaintances and fellow high school students you haven’t seen or thought of in years.

Welcome to the Facebook chain letter!  Using the 10 friends listed on your profile fill in the following:

Reposted an impassioned plea to repost a statement of solidarity with a local no kill slug shelter:

Too busy poking people:

Ignored being tagged in this chain letter post:

Offered a witty response to being tagged in the chain letter post:

Removed their name from the tag:

Changed privacy settings in Facebook in order to limit who  can tag them:

Strongly considered defriending the person who did the tagging:

Signed up for Facebook a few years ago, and never did anything else with it:

Just encountered the last straw with social networking, and is now leaving Facebook:

Reposted the chain letter:

Randy Tharp

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2 thoughts on “Facebook Chain Letters

  1. I always wonder why people want to tag the strangest things on Facebook. I am also boggled by things like a picture of a vending machine with my name over the Skittles. Why is this a thing???

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