Miscarriage of Justice

A great miscarriage of justice has occurred once again in the American judicial system. Not since the O.J. Simpson trial have a prosecutor and jury been so wrong in their execution of jurisprudence. Once again it seems it will be left to journalists to uncover the truth. Of what grave injustice do I speak? The manslaughter conviction of Dr. Conrad Murray for the death of pop star Michael Jackson.

It was not Dr. Murray who killed Michael Jackson. If Dr. Murray is guilty of anything, it’s being a drug abuser himself.  It was Dr. Murray who was abusing the intravenous drugs thought to have killed Jackson.  The night of Jackson’s death Murray was not administering to Jackson, but himself. The incoherent statements, and delay in talking to law enforcement was not a result of Murray attempting to cover up negligence, but the fact that he could not remember what had occurred. Murray assumed he made mistakes and lied in an attempt to cover up his own drug abuse.  The doctor’s actual recollection of the night is unclear due to his drug abuse. Murray is simply a scapegoat of another conspiracy, the conspiracy to kill the King of Pop.

Before I reveal the real killers, let’s review some facts. You may remember the famous Martin Bashir interview with Jackson. At that time it was revealed that Jackson had cameras monitoring the entrance to his bedroom.  This was also true at Jackson’s latest homestead, the place of his final hours of life. So you may ask why this tape has not appeared, It was stolen the night of his death in order to be hidden from police.

On this tape shows the true killer. Martin Bashir, through close contacts with some of Jackson’s staff through the years, was able to obtain this tape. Bashir currently works for MSNBC, which is part of the same corporate entity which owns Universal Studios. Universal also owns the rights to the money making video currently being sold of Jackson’s final rehearsal and performance. The overlords at MSNBC suppressed the Bashir story. In the interest of justice, Bashir has leaked the tape.

So who does the tape reveal as the killer. Was it someone to stand from financial gain from Jackson’s death? Was it a revenge killing from someone from Michael’s past? Was it one of the victim’s of his alleged abuse of children?

The death was indeed the result of Jackson’s sexual proclivities. The tape show someone who in their youth was molested by Jackson who came back for revenge. Bubbles the chimpanzee!

Bubbles you may remember was among the exotic animals that Jackson kept on his neverland ranch.  Bubbles was of course his favorite (see image) and often stayed inside the house. Details now revealed from the staff that handled the animals indicate the Bubbles often slept in Jackson’s bedroom. While thought to be an innocent act of an eccentric multi-millionaire, it was actually at this point in Bubbles life that Jackson sexually abused him.

At the time outsiders thought the close relationship was eccentric, but never imagined the truth. There were odd occurrences such as Bubbles wearing what appeared to be a wedding ring, wearing Jackson’s famous red leather jacket, being dressed up like Janet Jackson, and of course the famous Elvis Presley pajamas incident.

Once Bubbles grew into adulthood he was moved to an animal sanctuary on the outskirts of Los Angeles. Here, Bubbles was taught sign language. After a few years of using sign language, Bubbles was able to relay the molestation at the hands of Jackson. The Jackson zoo staff often visited Bubbles. During one of these visits Bubbles and the sanctuary staff revealed the abuse via Jackson.

In order to enact revenge, two of Jackson’s staff member still on payroll at his current estate, were able to sneak Bubbles into the compound. The tape shows the now adult and powerful Bubbles entering Jackson’s room. According to our source, Bubbles suffocated Jackson with a pillow. In order to protect Bubbles, the tape was taken and hidden.

You may come to a rush judgement and condemn Bubbles and the staff that assisted him. Before you do, you should know that when Bubbles came into the room, Jackson was caught in the act with his pet pig. The pig was dressed to look like Elizabeth Taylor, including a dress Jackson purchased at auction from one of Taylor’s movies.

While Bubbles righteous revenge killing seems just, Dr. Murray is part of the collateral damage of this incident. While the Jackson family is directing their disdain at Murray for Jackson’s death, the answer to their pain can come from one of Jackson’s great lyrics. Jackson’s death was the result of his own actions with Bubbles, so he merely needed to find the answer by “starting with the man in the mirror”.



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