Modern Day Inductions

For those of you familiar with my writing, you know by now that one of the things I relish writing about involves unique and/or out of the ordinary circumstances which I encounter.  For those of you who may not be familiar with my writing, I only have one question for you.

Why not?

Don’t answer that.  This is my blog where I do all of the yammering.

Chalk this one up as something you just can’t make up, ladies and gentlemen.  Understand at this point that the following text is as spot-on accurate as I can keep it.  When I exercise hyperbole, I will let you know just to avoid any confusion about what I’m reporting.

Let’s start with a few background items just to put everyone in the right frame of mind:

Background Item #1 – In 1959, The Coasters released the song “Charlie Brown”.  The first two lines of that song go as follows:

Fe-fe, fi-fi, fo-fo, fum
I smell smoke in the auditorium

Background Item #2 – In the summer of 2001, I participated in a wedding in which the rafters were adorned with a veritable plethora of all sorts of candles.  It was beautiful.  After the wedding when the groom’s party returned some of their tuxedos, melted pieces of wax were found on the shoulders of some of the jackets.  It would seem that some of the candles up in the rafters had dripped wax on all parties down below.

Background Item #3 – A few years ago, a member of the TharpSter organization was inducted into National Junior Honor Society at the neighborhood middle school.  Part of the ritual at middle and high schools nationwide involves a candle lighting ceremony.

Background Item #4 – John Marshall High School is what I’m guessing to be one of the oldest high schools in the Northside Independent School District here in San Antonio, Texas.  Several members of the TharpSter organization have graced it’s halls since at least the 60’s that I know of.  In the early 90’s, it produced no less than two football players who eventually went professional, one of which sports some Super Bowl bling.

Just last year, the school finished construction on a new auditorium.  I would expect that the administration at John Marshall High School is a tad bit protective of its new digs.  That, of course, is just an assumption on my part.

That’s enough for the background items.  Let’s get to the point.

Later this month, the National Honor Society chapter which attends John Marshall High School will induct this year’s crop of qualifying Juniors and Seniors into the society.  As I understand it, this year’s ceremony at John Marshall High School will not involve a lighting of the candles.  Let’s assume that open flames within the auditorium are a no-no.

Instead of forgoing any sort of lighting ceremony whatsoever, the creative minds behind the event will resort to the next best thing.

What is the next best thing, you may ask?

Glow sticks.

<Hyperbolic opinion>

Get your cameras ready people.  This is going to rock when it gets loaded up to the internet.  Such an event should appear as a crowning jewel on the academic resumes of those students who pop, shake, shake, and glow their way into the National Honor Society during the 2011-2012 school year.

Tradition rocks.

</Hyperbolic opinion>



Update – 10/26

There’s just some stuff you can’t make up if you try.


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