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Microsoft OneNote is a little gem I discovered earlier this year while in the process of purchasing MS Office 2010.  As I’ve discovered in the months I’ve used it, it’s been an unintended benefit to my career as your favorite all time blogger on the worldwide web.

Put very simply, it combines the multiple tabbed feature of Excel with the word processing of Word.  Blogs I wrote prior to using this software were previously stored on Word documents and filed in their own directory.  Nowadays I just store it all in the OneNote I’ve created for TharpSter.Org, and have it all readily accessible for future reference.

In addition to the consolidation of resources I rigidly demand in my life (most likely just another sign that I have an obsessive compulsive disorder), OneNote provides on-line syncing which allows me to access my work from any PC.  Add to that the fact that there’s an app for it which allows me to access the seeds of my magnum opus directly from my iPhone.  This has been quite helpful in those times when I found myself nowhere near a PC.  All I do is break out the phone and either list a potential blog idea or even crank one out directly on the phone.  Once I can get to a PC, I can access the content from the sync and publish it accordingly.

You’re probably wondering why I’m wasting your precious blog reading time with a software review, aren’t you?  It’s not like you’re used to seeing me blather about such subject matter here on TharpSter.Org.  The last time I did, I provided pretty insightful ideas about sound notifications on Lotus Notes Sametime.  That particular blog is a few years old and still gets hit on a regular basis.

In summary, software discussion blogs on TharpSter.Org are uncommon, yet have the potential to revolutionize the world.

So I gave you the background on Microsoft OneNote in order to paint the picture about the real subject matter of this blog.  Consider it as taking the scenic route to get to the point.

Did you notice all of the different categories on the iPhone capture?     Did you see the tab labeled “Blog Ideas?  Of course you did.

As I mentioned before, there are times when I get an idea which I’ll need to flesh out later on.  In those times, I’ll enter the idea into the app.

That being said, I now offer the contents of the working ideas I have for future blogs.

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