The Constitutional Convention

Suffice to say, I read the blogs of others.

I know, that’s pretty shocking.  As your favorite blogger on the worldwide web, it would only seem fitting that I view the aimless meandering of others around the blogosphere to be well below my station.

Rest assured that I don’t hold those views, as I’ve done my own share of aimless meandering.

The first three paragraphs of this piece serve as a perfect example.

Regardless, I do read the blogs of others for a multitude of reasons for which I won’t waste your time at this point discussing.

You’re welcome.

Last week I read a blog by Scott Adams. If you don’t recognize the name right off, Adams is the creator of the comic strip Dilbert.

The thing about Scott’s writing is that it tends to reveal a certain sarcastic insight on things which I tend to appreciate.

I’ll pause to allow you to ponder that.

So back to blog.  In the article, Adams discussed the fact that parties across the political spectrum have expressed a desire for a Constitutional Convention.  Adams supports such a measure based on the basement dwelling poll numbers which Congress currently enjoys.  The low number serves as a key indicator to Adams that government is broken.

As such, Adams subsequently declares himself the leader of the transitional government, and calls for the creation of a website to help facilitate the transition.

Congress has low approval numbers.  This means government is broken.  We need a Constitutional Convention.



How’s that for being the soul of wit?

Allow me to address Mr. Adams directly. For those of you who I’m not addressing, feel free to follow along.

Mr. Adams, has it occurred to you that the biggest problem our county has right now is largely resultant of government overstepping the bounds established for it BY the Constitution?

Yes, government is broken.  You can’t look to replace the rule book when the players refuse to play by the rules. Instead, you replace the players with ones who will play by the rules.

Good luck with your little website.

Vote Responsibly Y’all.

Randy Tharp

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