Man vs. Cubicle

In 2006, the Discovery Channel brought you Man vs. Wild. In this show, the viewer followed Bear Grylls as he found himself stranded in the nastiest of regions all over the world.

That wasn’t enough.

In 2008, Adam Richman and the Travel Channel brought you Man vs. Food.

Eating challenges reign supreme, but that still wasn’t enough.

This year, the TharpSter Business Network will bring you a showcase of the greatest struggle humanity has ever faced.

This December, tune in weekday mornings to experience Man vs. Cubicle.

Day by day, watch as Robert Propst wrestles himself from a restful somber at the unthinkable hour of 7:00 am in order to shower, shave, and dress in business casual attire, only to be subjected to the mildly deadly tribulations of at least 40 hours a week in a fabric covered box decked out in earth tones known as a cubicle.

Share his frustrations as he fights traffic to get to work, only to see them grow exponentially as he rubs his rear fender against an obtrusive column in the parking garage.

Follow along as our favorite avatar of mediocrity perseveres the constant demands for status reports from his boss AND his dotted line boss.

Feel the panic which ensues when his company issued, battery operated fan doesn’t have the power to dissipate the surprise cubical flatulence Robert emits after eating the overpriced salmonella loaf for lunch in the company cafeteria.

Experience his anxiety as he rushes to swap his squeaky old office chair for his coworker’s new ergonomic chair before said coworker arrives to work.

Understand the confusion our middle aged hero is forced to grapple with as he moves from the hottest to the coldest of climates in his office, all within his own cubicle.

Share the overwhelming sense of agonizing irony as Robert is instructed to think outside of the box; all while he sits in his cubicle.

Feel the joy as Robert and his coworkers are granted permission to wear denim to work next Friday, even though such fabric is considered non-professional any other day of the week.

This December, don’t miss a minute of Man vs. Cubicle on the TharpSter Business Network.

If you do miss a minute, it will be considered time card fraud which is punishable by corrective actions which could lead up to, and include termination.

Check your local Human Resources Group for listings, policies, and nonsensical rationalizations. All times are local.

Randy Tharp

TharpSter is a husband to one woman, a father to two kids, a master to two dogs, an occasional cubical occupant, and unable to make up his mind on an adequate theme for this website.

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