Why You Gotta Vote

Call me a cynic.  Call me a skeptic.

When it comes down to it, I just don’t trust the American voting public to get it right more than every once in a awhile.

Spooky.  I know.

Sadly I believe they got it right in the 2006 mid-terms, but not for the same reasons you may think.  That’s a different blog all together that I will address later on.

In 2008, they got it wrong throughout the primaries and into the general election.  Name your political party, they got it wrong.

The 2010 mid-terms brought a hopeful sense of redemption for the electorate for making the stupid-ass mistakes it made a few years before.  The results of that election created a resounding message to Washington D.C. that a course change was needed.

Have we gotten the course change?


Will we get it?  That’s a pretty tough question in which the answer comes with all types of strings, conditions, and caveats attached.

The first thing we need to do is to get rid of the current administration, along will all of the old standbys in both houses of Congress who have turned a deaf ear to the will of the people.  If that’s not tough enough, we then have to put people there who are going to listen to and act upon the will of the people.  Can this all be done over the course of one election?


Can it be done over the course of multiple elections?

Of course.  The problem is that elections involve the suffrage of the uninformed.

It’s that particular problem, ladies and gentlemen, that leads me to the following conclusion.
Obama opening dayBarack H. Obama, our 44th president, the engineer of America’s largest deficit ever, the delivery boy of a downgraded credit rating, the most unabashed promulgator of class warfare, the grower of big government, the usurper of authority, the purveyor of 9% unemployment, the ceremonial first pitch thrower who throws like a girl, and the crown prince of the beer summit is re-electable.

There, I said it.

Understand that it wasn’t easy for me to say such a thing.  As a freedom loving soul who caters to the premise that small government operating within the rigid and stringent guidelines of the Constitution rocks, the very thought that I had to punch that statement into my laptop without some sort of autocorrect mechanism correcting the language under the assumption that I would never type such a thing, even as a work of fiction, was unthinkable.

I would expect there are plenty of my contemporaries here on the right side of the blogosphere who would disagree.  For that matter, my compatriots within the vast right wing conspiracy (of which I’m a charter member) flinch to see me utter such a heresy, and are now pondering a potential expulsion of your favorite blogger.

Even still, I stand by that claim and I’ll tell you why.

The man lacks substantive value.  Give him a second head, a third arm, and the Heart of Gold and the man could very well be president of the galaxy.

Zaphod 2012

Naturally, one would come to the conclusion that the very lack of substance is precisely the reason why he shouldn’t be re-elected.  Anyone who goes to vote in the general election next year who’s been paying attention to life here in America should be able to come to the conclusion that a vote for the incumbent would be ill advised.

Did I mention that elections involve the suffrage of the uninformed?

Has it occurred to you that the 2008 Presidential election stands as a perfect example of suffrage of the uninformed?

What other election could you think of where the winner was the culmination of Zaphod Beeblebrox and Tyler Durden?

Have you pondered the thought that Obama will run a similar campaign in the coming year?  You realize he’ll continue to appeal to the masses with pithy and euphoric slogans don’t you?  You have no doubt that his minions in the media will continue to carry his water, right?  You know that the stupid things he says on the campaign trail will not be subjected to any real critical thought, don’t  you?  You’re counting on his Kool Aid guzzling sycophants to descend upon his opponents to dig up any and every piece of dirt they can, aren’t you?

Today, America seems to take the same approach to voting for President that it uses in voting some reality game show contestant  out of the house, off of the island, or to the next round.  If he/she looks good, can sing or dance, or flash the pearly whites and twinkle in their eye, the American voter will text the right code in to vote their guy in.

Even though campaigning like a rock star will be a big factor in Obama’s bid for re-election, it’s not the only one.

The gene pool of candidates who seek to unseat Obama range in variety and are generally hated by the media.  As such, the candidates will all serve as bantha fodder for the plethora of attacks from outside of the reelection campaign which we will see in the papers, on the news, and on the internet in the coming 15 months.

There are a few of the candidates who I just don’t like.  They carry too much baggage which makes their run for office unpalatable.  It’s unfortunate that I foresee this gaggle of idgits emerging as the eventual front runners in line to capture the nomination.  We’ll call that group “Dole / McCain Part Deux”.  For those candidates who I do like, they will have to be tough and hang in there throughout the primaries.

Regardless of who wins the Republican nomination, they will HAVE to run as a proud, unashamed, Conservative who doesn’t cater to the whims and irrational behavior of those who would endeavor to maintain political correctively.  It’s a shame Trump didn’t hang in there just to bring out the testicular fortitude in all of the other prospects.  That’s not to say I have faith in Trump’s political ideology at all.  The man just wasn’t afraid to say what needed to be said or do what needed to be done.

It should be stated here that I’m making no endorsement for any candidate right now.    That being said, given a choice of any of them against Obama, rest assured I’ll vote to send Obama to the private sector.

Vote Responsibly Y’all.



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