Order 66

At the onset of the Great Jedi Purge a really long time ago in a galaxy which was pretty darn far away, the head honcho of the soon to be really Old Republic unleashed a gaggle of clones dressed up in really good catcher’s gear on the good guys of the day who were prone to dressing alike, maintaining celibacy, and lots of play with glowing swords.

“Execute Order 66” was all that the previously mentioned boss-man had to say, and his minions automatically executed their generals who were strong in the Force.

Just those two simple words and a number were enough to get the power hungry Sith Lord and his henchman in a cape a good 25 years of power over the entire galaxy.

He got his way.

What is not known is that at the same time he ordered the deaths of all of the Jedi, he also ordered a Whopper with cheese and no tomato, fries, and a diet soft drink.

He got his way there, too.




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