Prophetic Post-Its

Creed Post ItTucked away in a desk drawer somewhere in a cube farm where once young and optimistic souls now fidget with their golden handcuffs, a square, standard sized sticky note (it’s a Post-It Note) holds the key to survival for continued employment.

Certainly the note was composed sometime back as a gag. All of the rules, processes, and procedures which it’s author had to endure everyday could never really amount to a simple list of four rules in which two of them required the qualities of a deity.

Could they?

Apparently, they could.

It’s only safe to assume that such a list was composed in an exercise of hyperbole. What managerial paradigm could ever possess such expectations among its subjects?

It is safe to make such an assumption, isn’t it?

Don’t make assumptions.

In the past, the author of the note found humor in the four rules.

Sadly, the note appears to achieved the status of a Dilbert comic strip.

There’s something to be said about the continued success of Scott Adams and his comic creation. Dilbert was born of Adams’ work in a cube farm way back in the 20th century. The primary reason why his strip is so popular is because it’s rooted in truth with a good dosage of hyperbole.

When the author created the list of rules, he used the same methodology Adams uses in Dilbert.

The author of the list has uttered many times in the past that when Dilbert comic strips can be applied to a current job situation in a non-fictional manner, it’s probably time to reconsider what’s going on.

The author can deal with escalating the tiniest of issues into full blown panic when it’s necessary to do so.

The author is tired of not trusting others to do their own job. It hinders the ability for the author to do his own job.

The author is not capable of walking on water or seeing into the future.

Maybe it’s time for the author to gather up the list of four rules and consider other opportunities.

Randy Tharp

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