A Birthday Diary

5:00 am Central

Today I will turn 43.

I’m off from work today, yet still I need to get up early. The restraints of having one vehicle along with the desire to take the truck require that I drag my ass out of bed at an unrespecting hour.

The number 3 song pounding into my ears via Bluetooth headset from the iPhone is “Good Riddance (Time of your life) by Green Day.

Certainly there’s some significance that I would hear that on the morning of my birthday. Even greater the sign is the fact that I was in the throne room when Billy Joe hit that first G chord.

I may get my desktop computer back today,’and hopefully it will be virus free. Otherwise. I’m thinking I may watch that Denzel Washington movie with the runaway train.

I don’t know if the fact that I can blog at 5:30 in the morning while riding the porcelain really bodes that well.

I guess we’ll see.

6:00 am Central

Believe me here and now. There will not be hourly updates on this endeavor.

This morning, I’m going to bypass putting a sarcastic or witty display of verbal brilliance as a status update on Facebook. By mixed blessing, I don’t think the quip I generate will get the deserved airtime as a result of me advancing a slot on the ole number line today. I wouldn’t say that it will blow up, however based on years past it’s a safe assumption that my wall will fill up with birthday wishes from friends, acquaintances, and people I haven’t seen in years. Congratulations Mark Zuckerberg. Thanks to your efforts, people have a way of remembering the birthdays of friends, acquaintances, and people they haven’t seen in years. Granted, I’ve got to wonder just how much it matters to them.

This morning, I’m off to take the CFO to work and then to the gym. My whole routine of diet and exercise has been screwed up for the last week or so. I don’t expect it to reharmonize (I know there’s a red squiggly line under that word, but rest assured it does mean something in the context of anything you read which has been written by me) for another week due to the wrap up of the school year for my kids, my management of my son’s baseball team, and that tray of chocolate cupcakes in the fridge that the CFO whipped up the other day.

This last weekend alone has seen me put about 3 pounds on.


I wish it were just as easy to drop them as it is to put them on.

This morning’s workout will include 30 minutes of buzz nuts on the stationary bike while playing Angry Birds, followed up by 30 minutes of circuit training. It’s all Special High Intensity Training, but when timed correctly during the day, it works. For the record, the perfect time of the day for me to do that stuff is at the end of the day. As I said before, my diet and exercise schedule is screwed up right now so I have to take it where I can get it.

7:47 am Central

I told you there would be no hourly updates.

I’m now on the bike. The view around here at 8 in the morning isn’t as good as it is at 8 in the evening. Just sayin’.

10:45 am Central

One of the CFO’s cousins posted “You know.” on my wall instead of the obligatory birthday wish.

I’m still waiting for my desktop to be freed of what appears to be a stingy virus. Thanks to a good app and my laptop, I’m not at a loss to exercise my demons right now.

Not much else to report at this juncture.

5:38 pm Central

I’m at TGI Fridays for dinner. Want proof?

It was my choice to come here. I declared it since it’s my birthday. After reading the menu, I’m now regretting it because the menu selection was less than stellar for someone who turns 43 in six hours. Here’s hoping the soup I ordered tastes good.

It’s been a quiet day over all. I watched the previously alluded to train movie. *Spoiler alert* They stopped it.

My Facebook have come true. Now if I could just get Powerball to pay off tonight.

7:17 pm Central

Okay, so here’s the deal.

I have to leave in another 15 minutes to coach my son’s baseball game tonight. Granted, he won’t be there, but it is what it is.

For now, I’m going to post everything I have on this diary to the site, and schedule it to publish at 11:59:50 pm tonight. That’s when I’ll be 43.

If I get any more verbal brilliance in there between now and then, think of the extra benefit you’ll enjoy.

10:57 pm Central

Alright people, that’s it. I’m calling it a day. There’s a tray of cupcakes in the fridge. Help yourself.

I had baseball tonight and I’m back to work tomorrow for a two day week followed by a month of pure, unfettered, micromanaged hell.

My quick picks for tonight’s drawing were:

10 37 39 45 55   38
09 10 12 18 27   16
02 03 29 40 48   24
20 34 37 42 57   32
32 34 35 42 55   07

The winning numbers were:
08 18 38 46 56   31

Looks like I’ll be going to work anyway.

Memo to 43: Bring it on.

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