The Micro Plunge 3000

The Micro Plunge 3000 is no ordinary plunger.

At about a third of the size and cost of a regular sized plunger, the Micro Plunge 3000 is more than capable of handling all of your small capacity plunging needs.

For those of you with a small sink, small tub, or even a small commode, the Micro Plunge 3000 is just the tool you need to take care of those jobs where a liquid drain cleaner isn’t enough, and the regular plunger is just too much.  Gone now are the days of having to clean up the mess you have after using an old fashioned plunger that splashed too much.  Say goodbye to that awful smell of the cleaner that you just poor down the drain.

The Micro Plunge 3000 is not only suited for just the right sized job, but it is also good for just the right sized person too.  The diminutive and those with smaller hands find the scaled down size of the Micro Plunge 3000 to be just right.

Now, this little wonder can be yours to take care of all of your small capacity plumbing needs.  Be sure to ask for the Micro Plunge 3000 at any store where you purchase plumbing supplies.

Disclaimer:  The Micro Plunge 3000 has been designed specifically for small to medium capacity plumbing needs involving sink and drain clogs along with small commode blockages.  Whereas other applications of the Micro Plunge 3000 may be considered, the manufacturer strongly recommends the user to consider the risks, impacts, and consequences of using this device for anything other than for what it was designed.

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