A One Sentence Election Day Message

I should probably warn you upfront that if you copy this entire dispatch to the web into a Word document, you’ll have a hard time getting rid of the little green squiggly line under all the words, mainly because I’m going to limit this entry to one complete, concise sentence which will convey my point very succinctly; I think it was Shakespeare’s Polonius who spouted brevity to be the soul of wit, and the Lord knows I don’t want to be the limbs and outward flourishes of tediousness when it comes to making my point, which comes with the background story of the day last week where I participated in early voting and felt somewhat overwhelmed by all the stupid electioneering in the form of campaign signs outside of the local library where I tapped the touch screen and properly and metaphorically dangled my chad for the good guys who have pledged to get our country back on track by reversing the radical agenda which has beset this great country of ours for the last twenty months or so by means of hijacking various industries, legislated our behavior, and cast life, liberty, and the American way deep into a Chilean mine with no immediate foresight of pulling it out anytime soon, yet in the process of swimming through all of those aforementioned signs, I couldn’t help but notice the one sign that needed to be there wasn’t, and I thought “Geez, after all of the problems of the last few years, you would think the most important message would be posted here, “ but it wasn’t, and I couldn’t just understand why some people aren’t seeing things the way they are right now as became readily obvious to the entire nation back on April 5, 2010 when our President was given the task to throw out the first pitch at the season opener between the Washington Nationals and Philadelphia Phillies, and the idiot had the audacity to go up to the mound and put his Chicago White Sox hat on, and then proceeded to throw the ball to the plate much like a girl would; one could not avoid wondering if the young Creepy Cult of Personality was actually rooting for his beloved White Sox that day on that field, which even served to paint a bigger picture that much like the man went against the consensus opinion on that field that day to root for the home team, he chose to take a completely different path by backing something the people were not supporting, which kind of made me wonder where this guy gets off; however I’ve managed to digress a bit from the point which I’m trying to make which is to stress the fact that today is November 2, 2010, which is the first Tuesday after the first Monday of the month, and it’s time to vote not only for your chosen candidate but also the premise of whether you as an American want your country to continue to go down the ugly path in which it has been set, and at the same time I should mention that even though the President was rooting for the White Sox on that field back on April 5, that the Phillies decisively won 11-1 that day, which gives me hope that the actions of a minor few who have made their way into positions of leadership on the reckless abandon-like voting habits of the ill informed can be reversed if those who do choose to exercise their rights of suffrage today would go to the polls with the mentality to vote responsibly.

Randy Tharp

TharpSter is a husband to one woman, a father to two kids, a master to two dogs, an occasional cubical occupant, and unable to make up his mind on an adequate theme for this website.

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