… For They Know Not What They Do….

I really hadn’t planned on writing a blog today at all.

As if you cared (don’t worry about that part as I’m apathetic to the cause as well), I’ve spent the last several hours going back and forth between my two PC’s in a vain, yet desperate attempt to solve their problems.  Our main PC has issues with IE8; where every time I close it, a message comes up advising me that the browser has stopped working and is being restarted as a result.  Well dummy, I don’t want it restarted.  I want it closed.

Naturally, you’re thinking to yourself “Just use a different browser.”  That’s easier said than done.  For reasons unknown, I can’t access TharpSter.Org in another browser.  I know that other people can on other PC’s, so it’s ultimately in the settings on this PC where the bane of my computing experience resides.

The other PC is a 7 year old hand-me-down which computes and processes with all of the speed of an Etch-A-Sketch. 

It’s like I said.  This is nothing to concern yourself with.

In the process of uninstalling and reinstalling IE, my email managed to pick up some RSS feeds from MSNBC.  If you’re one of the 10 people who have ever watched that network on any given night, then you’ll understand after reading my politically inspired rants that I’m no fan of that vast expanse of doosh-baggery that litters cable systems nationwide.  Ranter’s note:  I specifically spelled the word ‘douche’ that way so as not to confuse the flatulence which MSNBC broadcasts on a daily basis as having the ability to hold water.


Anyway, in the process of right clicking on the spam like feed in order to dispatch with it as swiftly as possible, my hyperopic eye caught a glimpse of a news bit which published earlier today.  The headline read as:  Air Force Two in minor incident on Long Island – Jet wash from vice president’s plane knocks over small, private craft


Over all, the article garnered all of four paragraphs explaining pretty much what appeared in the headline.  The interesting thing about this article is the last paragraph, which reads as follows:

Air Force Major Michelle Lai says Biden’s 757 took off with those aboard apparently unaware of what had happened.

I think by now that you should know that I’m all about seeing metaphors in everything.  Naturally this story serves as no exception.

A member of the current administration, in the daily execution of their duties as dictated by their agenda, created damage in the private sector. 

This is nothing new.

The only difference between what they’ve done for the last 19 months versus what happened today is that they’ve known all along what they were doing to the private sector.  For them, today’s incident was what the late Bob Ross would refer to as a “happy little accident”.

Randy Tharp

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