Polite Society & The Need For Outright Mockery

Way back in the old days when I was growing up, our family went out for dinner one night at The Village Inn.  We were frequent guests there, and as a result we had gotten to know a lot of the wait staff at our local coffee shop.  Upon arriving that fateful night, we were seated at a table which already had napkins and silverware set for us.  We sat there reading our menus for quite some time.  Granted, that wasn’t because we couldn’t decide what to order.  Instead, the delay came as a result of our waitress who failed to acknowledge our existence on the planet, let alone the fact we were sitting at her station.

When she did arrive, we didn’t know her and she didn’t know us.  Her hair was mess and she looked emotionally rattled.  I can only guess what she had been doing just moments before.  Strangely enough, she began placing silverware in front of each of the four of us.  Naturally the placement of said silverware was right next to the silverware which was already there.  For reasons unknown to me this day, we said nothing and just let her continue.

Out here in polite society, it’s nearly a social taboo to call attention to the stupid things that people say and do.  Such events have taken place in the last week or so, and those who committed the offense were only criticized for their actions well after they opened their pie holes.

Last week, U.S. Representative Hank Johnson (D-GA) made the following comment in a House Armed Service Committee meeting with regard to a military build up on the island of Guam:  “My fear is that the whole island will become so overly populated that it will tip over and capsize,”

The admiral he was speaking too merely responded that such an event was not anticipated.

Earlier this week after “throwing” out the first pitch at a Washington Nationals home opener, Barack Obama went up into a broadcaster’s booth for a short interview.  When asked who his favorite players on the Chicago White Sox  back when he was growing up, he couldn’t name one.  He also went on to refer to Comiskey Park as Cominskey Park instead.  He had made the same reference last year.

In both instances, his interviewer never corrected him and or even grilled him on the whether his reported love for the White Sox was authentic as he would have us believe.

In an interview with Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-NV), Greta Van Susteren proceeded with a line of questioning about the special deal that Senator Ben Nelson (D-NE) was able get for his home state in return for his vote on the universal healthcare bill.  In response to the grilling, Reid at one point asked Van Susteren if she would have preferred for him to allow the bill on universal healthcare to fail.

Van Susteren stuttered a bit and was never forthcoming with an answer.

Why didn’t that admiral tell Congressman Johnson that Guam is an island which was formed as the result of tectonic plate collision and is not subject to the threat of capsizing?

Why wasn’t the President corrected on the spelling/pronunciation of the home field of his beloved team by either of the responsible journalists who were interviewing him?

Why didn’t Greta Van Susteren simply say something like:  “Yes, Senator.  That’s exactly what you should have done.  Every poll out there said that the American people were overwhelmingly against the legislation that you were driving through Congress.”?

The Emperor is as naked as a jaybird here, and no one has what former Secretary of State Madeline Albright would refer to as the cajones to call the current collection of idiots on their patent absurdities.

Now then.

I told you that in order to tell you this.

The recent return of the TharpSter Pit Bull has returned the colorful events which we encountered prior to her disappearance.  A new AT&T U-Verse remote is on order.  I’ve replaced the headphones which used to be attached to the TharpSter PC.  They were less than mysteriously relocated to the living room floor in multiple pieces last week right around the time when the threat of Guam potentially capsizing became publically known. The problem with the noise cancelling pair which replaced the old ones is the fact that they drowned out the sound of a Pit Bull grabbing a bag of rawhide treats off of the counter a little while ago.

Hope has now been enrolled in obedience training which will begin this weekend.  What that means to you as the reader is that there probably won’t be too many stories about her chewing escapades in the near future.


There is one item in which Hope subjected to the 235 pound per square inch bite strength of a Pit Bull this evening in which I would like to in turn subject to my rant about polite society.

I’m going to put that item in the guest bathroom, and see if anyone says anything.

Wish me luck.

Randy Tharp

TharpSter is a husband to one woman, a father to two kids, a master to two dogs, an occasional cubical occupant, and unable to make up his mind on an adequate theme for this website.

One thought on “Polite Society & The Need For Outright Mockery

  1. And what it also means is that there’s hope that the pit bull’s family is trainable!

    Oh, and I think I won’t plan any visits there that would necessitate using the guest bathroom!

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