The Dignity Of The Office

Even though I’m known to let loose with any selection of those seven colorful words which the late George Carlin once observed as ineligible to be uttered on television, I have a filter.  Even more so, my filter works pretty well.  It works so well in fact, that if you should hear such words escape my pie hole, you can be rest assured that such a selection was completely on purpose.

Many years ago, before the brilliant mind of my late Grandfather succumbed to the ravages of Alzheimer’s, the retired English teacher passed on some words of wisdom which I have yet to forget.  I don’t remember the exact words, but the context of the message was as follows:  “The English language is too vast to resort to words like that.”  Even though I still use a measured level of profanity, I try to keep that thought in mind when I’m firing off dispatches to the web or interacting with people outside of the TharpSter.Org compound.  I find such a personal policy helps to challenge my writing skills.

On March 23rd, our President marked the collective anniversaries of milestones in the rise to power of Mussolini and Hitler by signing universal healthcare into law.  In the process of announcing the completion of their monumental task, Vice President Joe Biden introduced TOTUS & The Symbiont.  As Obama approached the podium, Biden hugged him and whispered a statement to his boss which was just loud enough to be heard by the open microphone.  Just when we thought White House Chief of Staff Rahm Emanuel was the only one dropping the F-Bomb on the people’s dime, we found out that Biden’s profanity filter has as many gaps as his hair plugs.

Sadly, such a classless display from the Vice President came as no surprise.  The man has been known for plagiarizing speeches and the works of others, and saying really stupid things whenever there’s a microphone in his face.

While surfing blogs today, I ran across one which sported a picture of a new t-shirt.  The t-shirt in question says the following:  “Health Reform is a BFD – March 23, 2010” The only thing the blog said, was that the author wanted one.  A link was provided which pointed to where such a shirt could be purchased.

While I initially found the statement to be amusing, it occurred to me that anyone who had produced such a statement in order to mock the Vice Potty Mouth was missing a conservative credential or two.

The entire debate over the last year has been about the cost of health care, and not the actual health care itself.  Any right winger worth his/her hard earned and over taxed salt would have come up with something a little bit more clever.  For that matter, I would have said “Hijacking Your Freedom is a BFD”.

Being a tad dubious of the origin of the phrase, I followed the link to see what misguided skull was behind it.

Would you care to guess what I found?

Times up.

The site which is selling the t-shirt is Organizing for America.  That’s right people.  The President’s own propaganda arm has made the decision not to shun or ignore the Vice President’s remarks, but embrace them instead.

I’ll dispense with the indignation right here and now, regardless of whether it’s righteous.  Instead, I’ll pass on the following thought.

There will be a point in the future where the President will ignore the verbal brilliance that TOTUS is feeding him.  At that point where he goes off script, he will let loose with language which contains one of those seven words.  In reaction, his minions will ignore it.  They will justify it.  They will respond to criticism with something like “So he said the F word.  BFD.”

It’s just a matter of time.

Randy Tharp

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