Looking back on the last 1,143 days of the Obama / Reid / Pelosi error, I think that it’s not only a safe assumption but a glaring reminder to a lot of us that there is entirely too much suffrage in this country today.  Frankly, it just shouldn’t have to be that way.  There are plenty of our citizenry out there today who just don’t have to do it, or really just shouldn’t.

For quite some time, ladies and gentlemen, I’ve found myself lying prostate in grief over the direction in which this great nation of ours is heading.  I’m not alone in this belief either.  To see the tide which has turned against the Democrats in recent state elections, it’s pretty obvious that there is dysentery among the masses.  Incumbents who have been firmly ensconced in their seats for years on end suddenly find themselves on the odorous fast track to the private sector after this fall’s mid-term elections.  All of which has been for toting the party line which seeks to exponentially explode the level of control which government has over our lives.

It doesn’t really take a eunuch programmer to understand the effect of the policies and initiatives which have been put forward by the legislative and executive branches of our government in recent years.  The debate over universal healthcare rages on as traps continue to be laid for the Republicans, and measures of reconciliation remain afloat in order to make it law.  Legislation remains on the table to govern the way we go about living our lives, all in the name of saving the environment and preventing man caused climate change.  The goals are there, even though the science which has backed up the claims for years has been proven and exposed to be the junk that several of us on terracotta have been calling it for years.  Private companies have been nationalized.  The populist demonization of big business has had a ripple effect on the many arms of the economy in which those very corporations have an impact.  All of a sudden it’s now considered politically incorrect for one to rise above their station and endeavor to make a profit.

Even still, the ironing of it all remains supreme.  The self anointed messiahs who continue to tell us that we’re killing our planet off fly all over the world on their private jets to spread their poisoned message, only to return to their own estates to generate a considerably larger carbon foot print than the ones they suggest to us.  In turn, when called on their hypocrisy, they buy so-called carbon-offsets through companies in which the have a substantially vested interest.

Naturally, that’s not all.  Proponents of universal healthcare want no part of it for their own personal lives.  Language in the bills at hand exempts them from such abusive treatment.  For that matter, they could take steps right now with the proceeds from TARP or the 2009 Porkulus to insure the Americans who remain uninsured today.  Yet still, such a suggestion has fallen on deaf ears in favor of a more intrusive package for all of America instead of a small sector of it.

Mind you, this isn’t some half baked scheme I dreamed up here in front of the monitor in an effort get more of my verbal brilliance put out there on the web.  I’ve been mowing this matter over for years in an effort to come up with a full proof method to end the suffrage of the uninformed.  Those who run for office and lie through their teeth in order to win elections only share a portion of the blame for the way things are going.  The contributory negligence resides with those in the electorate who drink the sweetened Kool Aid and put these idiots in power.  That being said, we need to find a way in which we can insure that those who cast a vote for an elected official actually know what they’re voting for.

Naturally, there are those who would incinerate that such a goal is elitist, or even racist.  It’s far from it.  I’m not looking to exclude anyone from the right to vote based on socioeconomic class, their creed, or even their race.  For all tents and porpoises, what I do want to see are living American citizens who have a suppository of knowledge about those who represent them in government.  Voters should at the very least know the names, faces, and agenda of those they vote for.  That means every Senator and Congressman, as well as the current President and Vice President.  I want them to be able to name off some of the Justices on the Supreme Court.  I want to see them name the Governor of their state.  Is that asking too much?  I don’t think so.

Up until now, the suffrage of the ill and uninformed has contributed to the demise of posterity in this country.  Rust assured, a mechanism which would insure that the electorate knows who it’s voting for would lend gravidas to our system of running things, and would subsequently make the process of voting less mute than it’s become.

Randy Tharp

TharpSter is a husband to one woman, a father to two kids, a master to two dogs, an occasional cubical occupant, and unable to make up his mind on an adequate theme for this website.

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