Bound & Gagged

One year and seven days into his presidency, Barack Obama is now less than two hours out from making his first State of the Union Address.

Naturally, it’s not the same address that TOTUS & The Symbiont were planning as recently as two weeks ago.  Back then, they had 60 votes in the Senate to push through whatever colonic extrusion they could dream up in the name of hope, change, and a perpetual welfare state.

I wish his rhetoric weren’t so predictable.  I know what he’s going to say and what he’s going to propose.  I also know who he will blame.  I know what the reaction of the mainstream media will be as well.  I also know that he’ll be lying through his teeth.

In fact, I’m so comfortable knowing that he’ll be lying that I’m looking forward to watching the address.  Granted, my anticipation doesn’t come out of getting the chance to call shenanigans on what Obama has to say.  Instead, I’m going to get a hefty sense of schaudenfreude in knowing that the Congressional leadership will have Joe Wilson bound and gagged with a couple of miles of duct tape tonight in an effort to keep him from vocally swiftboating the young President mid-address.  If they feel compelled to keep the South Carolina Congressman on a tight leash, one can only expect that tonight’s falsehoods will reign supreme.

Stay tuned.

Randy Tharp

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