The Unwanted Gift

Well dear readers, Christmas is upon us and this years celebrations will cap off what many would consider a tumultuous year of doing everything wrong in a vain and desperate attempt to get it all right.

Congress and the White House have been feverishly hell bent in the last six months to push through a universal health care package for every natural born or naturalized citizen, along with a host of undocumented others who call this great nation of ours home.  Congressman Joe Wilson eloquently validated that push with the two words that made him famous.

With the latest vote in the Senate last weekend to end the debate of whether the proposal should go forward, Harry Reid (D-NV) and his minions are now poised to bring the monstrosity to fruition just in time for Christmas.  The problem is that the legislation which will ultimately be touted as bipartisan has yet to garner any Republican votes in the Senate, and just a few in the House.  The Christmas Eve vote should come in at a 60- 40 split along party lines barring any onset of conscious morality on the part of those members of the DNC who are there to primarily represent the wills of their party, versus their constituency.  I should also add the caveat to my prediction that the GOP stays in lockstep against the bill, short of a straggler or two voting for the stupid thing in the spirit of bipartisanship.  My guess on who that will be will remain nameless for now, however I’ll make a tangential prediction of snow in Maine this Christmas.

With the magical number of 60 votes in favor of killing freedom, we can thank the likes of pork-whores Ben Nelson (D-NE) and Mary Landrieu (D-LA) who got a little somethin’, somethin’ for their efforts to vote the party line.  Other members of both houses are already lining up with their grubby hands held out.  Don’t forget the likes of Joe Lieberman (I-CT) and Olympia Snow (R-ME) either.  These two blue ball assembly plants have used their own little ways to have allowed this to happen as well.  For that matter, we can also thank the hordes of DNC party operatives who helped Al Franken (D-MN) to steal Norm Coleman’s (R-MN) seat, and the prosecutorial misconduct of those who insured the exodus of Ted Stevens (R-AK).

For what it’s worth, we also owe our gratitude (or lack thereof) to the decisions of the electorate during the 2006 mid-term election to thank for this as well.  After all, it was an effort to purify the GOP by getting rid of the big spending members of their party that helped to put even bigger spenders in place in both the House and Senate.  What the voters initially perceived as a couple of years of pain which would easily be replaced over the next few election cycles backfired on them harder than what a chocolate malt will do to the lactose intolerant.  If the malcontented constituency had really wanted to get rid of their big government representatives who were helping the GOP lose its way, they should have done it in the primaries instead of sitting on their hands during the elections.  If the DNC could do it to Joe Lieberman, then the GOP should have been able to do it as well.

In the meantime, the signature piece of fruit born of the Reid/Pelosi/Obama error (malaprop intended) lies in wait to overhaul an engine that at best needs an oil change, a lube job, and a good steam cleaning.  The measure doesn’t appear to be constitutionally sound from the point of view that Congress has the right to force this on us.  Arguments have been made by yours truly as to whether it would even pass the First Amendment test.

Keep in mind that the real reason Reid has scheduled this vote prior to the Christmas break is to avoid the same type of uprising that took place during the August recess.  Naturally, one of the press conferences announcing the passage of the bill will carry the phrase that the American people have just received one of the greatest Christmas gifts it could ever get.  Deep down, the American people will liken this “gift” to the pink bunny pajamas that Aunt Clara made for little Ralphie.  He hated them, and never wanted to wear them in the first place.  He had to be threatened just to put them on.  Sound familiar?

Randy Tharp

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