My Day Has Been Hijacked

I really hadn’t planned on doing much today.  I had an idea about a new article to write.  I was going to grill some chicken later on for some chicken fajita salads.  Perhaps I could solve the mystery on my PC which causes my media player to skip whenever I’m doing a backup save in Word.  For that matter, there’s some sort of .dll error that comes up when I launch Outlook.  Maybe I should go find the last snapshot on the PC and restore it.  In the meantime, Faith the TharpSter TreadMill is whining because there’s a cat outside mocking her.  Football will get started in a few hours.  I really need to see if I can fix the shower in the master bathroom.  I also need to gather up some clothes for the donation truck that’s coming on Tuesday.  I should also be on the lookout for any recently angered Pastafarians who may have read my last piece.  They may not consider the notion of the Flying Spaghetti Monster appearing in a pancake to be as funny I see it.

The new article I was planning to write has some great potential.  It’s somewhat of a copy cat piece on a bit that Father Guido Sarducci did on Saturday Night Live many years ago about a planet just like Earth which orbits our sun at a position on the exact opposite side of us.  The planet in question is just like Earth.  It has the same continental configurations, the same water coverage, and the same global behavior.  It’s had the same cultural and political developments too.  Everything is the same.  They have the same problems we do, the same entertainment, and the same leaders.  Whereas Sarducci then suggested the only difference between the two planets was the fact that they eat their corn on the cob vertically, I had planned to take it in another direction.  The difference I was going to suggest was that their Hollywood wasn’t loaded up with a bunch of sanctimonious douche bags who take on a false sense of humility by making stupid pledges to buy a hybrid, to flush only after a deuce (their words, not mine), and to be a servant to Barack Obama.  That piece won’t be written anytime soon, however I can assure you that it would have been good.

Even though I was looking to limit any semblance of a productive life today, my slothful plans have been hijacked by a different group of sanctimonious douche bags.  For those of you who want to know how big that group is, I’ll indulge you.  The magic number is 220.  That’s right people.  I’m talking about the 219 Democrats and 1 Republican who voted yesterday in the House of Representatives to pass the Affordable Health Care of America Act.  I could go on ad nauseam about how socialized medicine is bad for this country and other countries that have instituted it.  I can make a good case for the fact that bi-partisan support for a hijacking of our freedom is not needed.  I can also make the point that the wicked machinations of the current administration along with those who are running Congress have nothing to do with providing good healthcare to the American people, and everything to do with controlling them and keeping them under the governmental thumb.  For that matter, I already have.  A listing of rogues gallery who have voted against your freedom and mine can be found here.  Read this list with the admonishment that if any of these usurpers ever show up on a ballot that you are punching, be sure to return them to the private sector.

The following video is one I’ve seen several times in several different places.  If you haven’t seen it, pay close attention.  If you have, watch it again.

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