Death By Aqua Globe

The Aqua Globe is a hand blown glass tube which when filled with water, can be inserted into the soil around a plant and serve to water a plant as needed.  The convenience of this little wonder allows those with not such a green thumb to keep the house plants watered on a regular basis.  It appears some science is involved in the process of keeping your organic decorations nice and green, however I haven’t taken the time to research it a great deal outside of considering some sort of vacuum being involved.  Beyond that, your guess is as good as mine.

For what it’s worth, it would also seem that these globes are conducive to more than just keeping the occasional plant owner as lazy as possible.  The applications one could imagine could vary from the practical to the creative, depending on one’s tolerance for taste and morality, along with a hint of deviance.  I really won’t take the time to offer up my suggestions, as I’m sure by now you have a couple in mind.

Sadly, the Aqua Globe appears to have a few design flaws.  First of all, the angle in which you jam these globes into the dirt must be steep enough in order to feed the entire contents of the globe down the feeding spike.

Even more importantly is the need to refill the globes when they’re empty.  This is the main problem.  The Aqua Globe is designed to perpetuate the bad habits of the laziest of plant owners by watering a plant by itself.  If a plant owner can’t remember to water a plant, what’s to make them to remember to refill the Aqua Globe?


Randy Tharp

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