Just Do It Already

I sit here 20 minutes on the outset of hijacking the tube from the kids in order to go watch something I don’t really want to watch.  That’s right people.  I’m going to watch TOTUS & The Symbiont make yet another speech about the importance of health care reform.

This whole circus that has engulfed the landscape over the last few months has become ridiculous.  If only this stuff could serve as a summer replacement series, then I could feel at ease that the fall season will be starting within a matter of weeks.

But that’s not the case.

Now, there’s presumably an option being hurled about behind closed doors that would make health insurance coverage mandatory, less those without it be stuck with a fine.  Is that really any better than what’s already been proposed?  Not very likely.

The way this thing looks like it’s going to play out, is that the proposed measure will be watered down, named something like “The Mary Jo Kopechne Right To Life Bill”, and passed completely by a gaggle of Democrats who sanctimoniously know what’s good for the American people.  There may be a RINO or two that votes for the damn thing as well.

Regardless of what gets done to the bill to get it passed, it’s a bad piece of legislation.  If it were really that good, the Creepy Cult of Personality would have gotten it passed before the August recess like he originally demanded.

To the Dems in the House, the Senate, and the White House, I say this.  Just do it.  If you are ready to put your collective tax-fattened asses on the line and flush the freedom of your constituency down the tubes, you go ahead.  We’ll look forward to your hastened return to the private sector in the coming years when you come up from re-election.

Randy Tharp

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