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As a right winged demon bent on the glory of free market capitalism, it would be considered hypocritical of me if I were to put on a display of behavior here on TharpSter.Org which served to be non-conducive to one’s ability to earn a buck.  The only problem with earning money nowadays is that if you earn too much of the green stuff, you’re demonized by populist minded souls who have the wherewithal and ability to thrust their grubby mitts into your pocket and liberate some cash in the name of making things fair for everyone.

Even though there doesn’t appear to be any real incentive from the government to participate in commerce which subsequently stimulates the economy, we Americans rely on other incentives in our journey between rags and riches.  Those incentives are primarily to keep a roof over our heads and our families fed.  At TharpSter.Org, we’re no different.  The Board of Directors has made a decision to take on a sponsor for the website so as cover some of the overhead expenses of producing opinionated conservatism, gag news stories, and assorted pictures of the crasher squirrel on the regular basis for which our readership has come to expect.  With that, we are proud to announce that we have recently entered into a relationship with the good people at Rubber Band BoB’s Rubber Band Balls.  We can only hope this relationship will be mutually beneficial for Rubber Band BoB’s Rubber Band Balls and TharpSter.Org.

Although it’s difficult to fathom the thought that you may not be familiar with Rubber Band BoB’s Rubber Band Balls, I’d like to take this time to tell you all about this wonderful company and their excellent product line.

Rubber Band BoB’s Rubber Band Balls was founded in 1975 by a 25 year old entrepreneur named Robert Viskelaeder.  Back then Viskelaeder had no intention of doing anything with his life, let alone starting the company which would soon become the largest provider of rubber band balls to the American southwest.  One day, the self described hippy was in the middle of a psychedelic hallucination induced by a particularly aggressive peyote button.  In the midst of what young Robert refers to as “one wicked trip”, he found himself reading a copy of Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas by Hunter S. Thompson.  It was Thompson’s continued references to Horatio Alger throughout the book which inspired Viskelaeder to find out just who the gonzo journalist was talking about.  From there, the rest is practically history.  Putting to work the Alger paradigm of moving from impoverished to secure and comfortable, Robert Viskelaeder started his rubber band ball business in a small store front in the town of Roswell, New Mexico.  He then adopted the moniker of Rubber Band BoB and never looked back.  The rest of the story is yet another one for the books in which Horatio Alger would be proud.

Today, Rubber Band BoB’s Rubber Band Balls represents the highest level of excellence when it comes to rubber band ball quality and durability.  Rubber Band BoB is so confident of the strength of his product that he offers a lifetime warranty for every rubber band ball sold.    Be it the original, one color, 2” rubber band ball from Rubber Band BoB’s Rubber Band Balls Signature Line, or the 18” version from the Rubber Band BoB’s Rubber Band Balls Heavy Duty Line, or any of the other fine selections in between, each rubber band ball manufactured by Rubber Band BoB’s Rubber Band Balls carries a lifetime guarantee against wear and tear.  As an added bonus, the warranty is transferrable too.

Don’t be fooled by cheap imitations, folks.  Most rubber band balls which can be purchased on the internet and at retail stores across the country have a core made up of something other than rubber bands.  To put it simply, that’s cheating.  If you have a rubber band ball that has a core made up of something like a super ball, a marble, or something that is not a rubber band, then it’s not a Rubber Band BoB’s Rubber Band Ball.

Rubber Band BoB is a purist when it comes to rubber band balls.  As a result, he makes it a point to insure that every handmade rubber band ball produced by Rubber Band BoB’s Rubber Band Balls passes a 10 point inspection process before it ever goes out the door.

That’s right people.  When you work with Rubber Band BoB’s Rubber Band Balls, you are getting a handmade rubber band ball.  There are no machines involved.  Each Constructioneer at Rubber Band BoB’s Rubber Band Balls who assembles your customizable rubber band ball does it by hand, and starts with one simple rubber band which gets tied in a knot.  Every rubber band after that is carefully attached to the core in a pattern which insures not only the strength of the ball, but the symmetry as well.  Each Constructioneer has a minimum of 10 years of experience building rubber band balls, so you can rest assured that the any item you purchase from Rubber Band BoB’s Rubber Band Balls will be assembled with the strongest of attention to quality and detail.  Here at TharpSter.Org, the only rubber band balls we use are by Rubber Band BoB’s Rubber Band Balls.  That’s because we know they will last as long as we need them to, and for many years more.

So the next time you find yourself in need of a quality rubber band ball for either your home or office, call Rubber Band BoB’s Rubber Band Balls at 1-800-RBR-BAND.  Mention you read about Rubber Band BoB’s Rubber Band Balls on TharpSter.Org, and they will upgrade your shipping & handling services to next day delivery for free of charge.

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