Even On His Death Bed

For those of you who haven’t done the math, the Democrats had their 60 votes in the Senate making whatever full cocked and half baked piece of legislation they extruded from the lower two feet of their collective digestive tracks take on the properties of filibuster-proof Kevlar.  The key word there was ‘had’.  With the recent passing of what’s his face from Massachusetts, the Dems are down to 59.

Does this mean us Conservatives should hold out hope that a fellow member of the Vast Right Wing Conspiracy will successfully replace the dearly departed, thus taking a switch-blade to the Kevlar?  No.  Massachusetts state government is loaded down on the left side in all areas needed to send a replacement to Washington.   Even as you read this and ponder reading today’s Dilbert strip just to the left, the Dems in Massachusetts are making a move to change a state law in order to maintain their party’s stranglehold on the Senate.

It seems that in 2004, the state legislature was able to pass a law which called for special elections to replace their proxies in Washington in the event they were unable to serve.  At the time, John Kerry was running for President.  State legislators there were afraid that if Kerry had won, Republican Governor Mitt Romney would have appointed a member of the GOP to replace Kerry in the Senate.  Five years later, that little move has turned on them.  A special election is scheduled to take place in January to install a replacement to finish out the remaining three years of Kennedy’s term.

Fear no evil though, boys and girls.  The Dems at the state level are now moving to change the law to reverse the goal they sought out back in 2004.  Would you care to guess who urged the law be changed less than a week before he passed on?

One has to wonder if Mary Jo Kopechne made a similar request before she passed away.

To the Governor and State Legislature of Massachusetts, I suggest you go ahead and do what you’re going to do.  If you can find someone with all of the character traits and flaws of the guy that was there before, more power to you.  People in your state tend to vote for those types.  Whether you get one of your minions in there by changing the law, or letting the people decide is not going to change the outcome of what happens to the health care bill which will most likely be named for your deceased statesman.  This one will be decided in the middle by RINOS and Blue Dogs.

Randy Tharp

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