It’s Really Not A Racist Matter

Racism is the belief or doctrine that inherent differences among the various human races determine cultural or individual achievement, usually involving the idea that one’s own race is superior and has the right to rule others. Racism is also a policy, system of government, etc., based upon or fostering such a doctrine. Racism can also be defined as a hatred or intolerance of another race or other races.

If you don’t believe me, you can go look it up a I copied it directly from there.

As a conservative, it’s becoming more and more tiresome to read about the various debates our country is involved in and see those who share the right wing mindset assaulted with accusations that we oppose a given agenda or proposition because of racist machinations. Any conservative worth their hard earned and overtaxed salt will tell you that such a suggestion doesn’t merit a position in the front, middle, or end of the line in the properly digested material being extruded from the north end of a southbound Brahma.

Even worse is the double standard that tends to get applied. A wide variety of conservatives and members of the GOP have done more for the advancement of civil rights than can be assigned to liberals or members of the DNC. Forty five years ago when the Civil Rights Act of 1964 was passed, which party had a larger percentage of its members vote in favor? The DNC garnered 61% in the House and 69% in the Senate. The GOP churned out 80% and 82% respectively.

Never mind the actions of forty five years ago though. Consider the last decade where the role of Secretary of State has been occupied by Colin Powell and Condoleezza Rice. Rice had previously held the role of National Security Advisor. Alberto Gonzales joined these two in the role of Attorney General to be among the first of their given races to serve in the roles they did. Does anyone remember who appointed these three highly qualified individuals to those roles? I’ll give you a hint. It was a Republican.

It was that same Republican, by the way that attempted to provided a pathway to American citizenship for millions of illegal immigrants in 2007. It was also the same Republican who increased humanitarian aid to Africa from $1.4 billion to $4 billion in 2006 with a vow to bump it up to $9 billion by next year. That’s hardly the actions of a racist, and I’m pretty sure that George W. Bush never touted his efforts from either the campaign stump or the bully pulpit in some phony attempt to buy a vote or two. I’m sure more people remember his views on hate crime legislation proffered during the 2000 campaign than they do his efforts to help an impoverished continent.

So once and for all, let’s lay down a definition of what is racist, and what isn’t. With the help of another website, I’ve already put a definition of what racism is. Now let’s talk about what is not racist.

When members of the GOP question the motives a Supreme Court Nominee for repeatedly making remarks in speeches (emphasis on the plural) which favor the judgment of a “wise Latina” over that of a white male, it’s not racism. It’s an honest attempted to determine if the self professed wise Latina is capable of upholding the oath of office for which she seeks.

When conservatives speak out against a legislative measure which would provide amnesty to millions of undocumented aliens who reside in this country illegally, it’s not racism. It’s preserving the rule of law that dictates specific procedures for citizenship which don’t involve entering the country illegally.

When the American healthcare system comes under attack by America’s first black president, the conservative opposition to the government take over of said system is not based on racism. Keep in mind the same attempt was made in 1994 by a president other than Barack Obama. The plan was not opposed based on the face of the movement to overhaul the system. Instead, our opposition back then along with today is based on the language in the bill and the government’s intentions to hijack our freedom to make our own healthcare choices.

Do you see the difference? We’re not into the game of opposition based on the color of skin. Any one of us who has been critical of the social engineering goals of the left have been in it on principle alone. Show me otherwise.

Randy Tharp

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