Fessin’ Up

It would seem that the man who would be the Veep on the DNC’s ticket this last year and four years before is about to fess up about the reported paternity of Rielle Hunter’s 18 month old daughter.  Yes, ladies and gentlemen.  Recent DNA testing has in fact proven that empty suit extraordinaire John Edwards has coughed up the content of his evolutionary goo to prove once and for all that a nomination to the number two seat next to TOTUS & the Symbiont could have provided a sufficient level of gravidas to the campaign that would endeavor to change the world.

Never mind what side of the political spectrum where these politicians reside.  Be it John Edwards, Mark Sanford, Bill Clinton, Gary Condit, Eliot Spitzer, Mark Foley, Gary Hart, Barney Frank, Jack Ryan, Rudy Giuliani, Newt Gingrich, [Insert First Name Here] Kennedy, or a host of other elected officials residing in elected office at all levels of government, the perpetual misbehavior of these individuals and their hotel rooms by the hour contemproraries continue to litter the landscape with perfect examples of stereotypical behavior.  If they aren’t doing it themselves, then they’re facilitating some other act of deviance which generally is the key indicator of a poor sense of judgment.

Even worse is the insatiable desire on the part of the media to make sure that those of us in the American public know every sordid detail about what any one of America’s favorite sons is into when he’s not serving those who put him in office.

The entire process between those who are doing it and those who are telling the story reflects badly on the country as a whole.

Given the psychological make up of a lot of those who partake in extra curricular activities, one can only wonder what other politicians who share the same hubris will be implicated in such behavior in the next three to seven years.

Hide and watch.

Randy Tharp

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