Well, Duh!

Ladies and gentlemen, I know the total number of posts I’ve published on the matter of universal healthcare is probably still in the single digits. As much as I would like to leave it that way, I feel compelled to continue spewing my verbal brilliance on the subject ad nauseam as long as the talking heads out there continue to inundate us with their colonic marinades about the pros of socialized medicine. It’s getting to a point where I’m going to create an ‘Auto Correct’ rule in MS Word just so I don’t have to type “universal health care” so much.

I’ve taken these concerns to the Board or Directors here at TharpSter.Org, and we decided that what ever I have to say about the government’s continued attempts to hijack our freedom via means of legislation is more likely to whip my readership up into a froth versus some silly story about the origins of my bald spot. Since froth production is gold around here, I’m going to go with yet another bit on Obamacare.

Today’s discourse comes courtesy of (and at the expense of) the brilliantly dull ponderings of Clinton era labor secretary Robert Reich. It would seem he’s driving across America with his son and phoning in his diminutive ramblings for the good people at Salon.com. In today’s piece, Reich hits his readership with a solid, hard hitting, fact that is sure to introduce the palm of your hand to the smack dab middle of your forehead with an epiphany designed to enrage and enlighten. Republicans will not defeat healthcare reform.

Take a moment to smack your forehead and regain your senses. I’ll wait.

Well, duh Mr. Secretary. What makes you think they will? They don’t have the Senate. They don’t have the House. They don’t have the White House.

Let’s go further with that, shall we? Since the GOP doesn’t have control of the components needed to pass the monstrous legislation veiled under the banner of universal healthcare, what does it really matter to you or any of your ideological brethren whether it will be stopped by the opposition anyway? If it’s really a bitchin’ piece of work that every American loves, needs, and desires, then you really don’t need the GOP support for it do you?

On the other hand, if this thing passes with no GOP support and the fruit it bears is similar to what a couple of monkeys could churn out on an old IBM Selectric, then it would seem the DNC will be saddled with the blame, wouldn’t it?

Get up real close to your monitor Mr. Secretary. I want to make sure you understand what’s really going on here.

Whether the protests being made at all of these town halls are genuine or orchestrated, you need to understand that the basis for the complaints holds more water than the defective douche bag you and the mainstream media are spouting. If you’ve read the bill, you would understand why Astroturf is nowhere to be found in this matter.

If there’s anyone or anything that will defeat universal healthcare in its currently proposed form, it will be the bill itself.

Randy Tharp

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