Read My What?

In the past few days, the assorted news agencies, networks, websites, and feeds have twittered a flutter over the prospect of a middle class tax hike becoming a matter of reality in order to solve the deficit born woes of the Obama administration. When two of the Bamster’s economic gurus opened their Kool-aid holes on the Sunday shows the other day and allowed words to come out, the intonations that a mechanism for bringing the deficit and the bad economy into check resonated among the sycophants who actually believed the campaign promises.

I won’t even bother to tear apart the campaign promises and why I don’t believe them. I won’t bother to regurgitate the behavior of the executive and legislative branches of our government which has endeavored to produce a whole new load of taxation for the electorate.

Instead, I’ll focus on the reaction. I ran across the following article over on Read his lips: Does tax pledge put Obama on shaky ground?

“Read my lips. No new taxes” was a phrase uttered in the 1988 campaign by George H.W. Bush in his bid for the presidency. Those six words put a four year countdown on the career of Bush XXXI, because for one of the first times I had personally seen, a presidential candidate was actually held accountable for his campaign promises.

Can I get a quick show of hands on who is literally expecting Obama to make good on his campaign promises? If Obama and his minions in Congress should put through a tax hike, do you really think it will keep him from getting re-elected?

Think hard on that one, now.

Randy Tharp

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