It’s All In the Process?

It’s rare that I ever watch Mike Huckabee on Sundays over on the news channel that charter members of the Vast Right Wing Conspiracy such as yours truly tend to prefer.  Yet, there I was last night flipping back and forth between him and the lead-up to the finale of Daisy over on VH1 where she was slated to make what would most likely be a pretty bad decision.  If the thick skulls behind Sunday night programming at the Fox Broadcasting Channel had run there normal Sunday night line up of future yet raunchy classics like Family Guy and American Dad instead of a Tim Allen movie of all things, I can assure you I wouldn’t have been watching the GOP’s second best choice they had to offer this last year.

Last nights episode of Huck was littered with excitement when he featured former Vice President Dan Quayle as a guest.  Now I frankly have no problem with the former Vice President, and I can assure you that I’ve been caught up a time or two in the big debate of when to use the letter ‘e’.

During the interview (I didn’t see the whole thing); Huck asked Quayle what the biggest mistake about the current healthcare proposal is.  I won’t quote it word for word, but the gist of Quayle’s answer rest in the fact that the process in which the proposal is being put forward is all wrong.  In the early years of the Clinton Administration, Hillary and her unnamed conspiracy went behind closed doors and crafted a plan.  The White House then sent the plan off to Congress and said “Here’s our plan.  Pass it.”  Fortunately, Congress told the White House to sit and spin.  The Clinton gang never really proposed another plan after that.

Fast forward about 15 years, and now our newest POTUS wants to put a universal healthcare plan into place.  The thing about this time is that the Bamster doesn’t want to fall into the same trap which gobbled up the Clintons.  Instead, he wants to use another process.  Let Congress do it.  They did such a wonderful job with the stimulus package earlier this year, why not let them put healthcare together too?

According to Quayle, the process is the problem this time.  Just like the stimulus package, the healthcare bill will be loaded up with the assorted pet projects and other pork-like substances that the entire plan will remind the electorate at large of that extra side of bacon on the all-you-can-eat pancakes at the International House of Pancakes.

Whereas I don’t totally disagree with the former Vice President, I think he got it wrong.  Mr. Quayle, it’s not the process that is wrong with the proposed plan.  It’s the plan itself.  The Executive and Legislative branches want to serve the American people and excrement sandwich.  Whether it’s Congress or the White House that puts the meat between the two pieces of bread is immaterial.  What is material is the fact that anyone of the powers that be shows the strong desire to make us all coprophagiacs.  Whether the cure for such an ailment will be covered under the universal option is unknown at this time.

On a side note, I believe this is my third entry in a row which discusses universal healthcare.  Geez, I need some new subject matter.

Randy Tharp

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