The 3 Legged Stool   Recently updated !

I sit here…..   No, that’s not right.   I stand here at the kitchen counter consuming an Everything Bagel.  A near empty bottle of Palmolive supervises the process in desperate hopes of capturing a discarded morsel of cream cheese slathered goodness.  One of the dogs is here too, and knows she has a better […]

monkey football

randy's donuts

Finding The Good Things

Well ladies and gentlemen, we’re a matter of hours out from a fundamental change being exacted on this great country of ours, and I feel it’s necessary to write something about it.   Let’s face it people.  We’ve spent the last 8 years acclimating to a whole new paradigm of the way things should be.  […]

2016 Urine Review

Well ladies and gentlemen, the year is almost over.  You know what that means don’t you?   It’s time to look back and assess what happened over the last 12 months.  Gather up all of your accomplishments and failures.  Collect all of your good decisions along with the bad ones which were prefaced by the […]



Icon To Return To Weekly TV

Tim Conway is returning to television.   Viewers among Generation X and the Baby Boomers will find the return of Conway to weekly television to be a welcome homecoming.   Conway is best known for inciting uncontrolled giggling and urinary incontinence among those who watched him throughout the 70’s on The Carol Burnett Show.  Even […]

A Holiday Rant 1

Happy Holidays and Merry Christmas y’all.   Kinda.   Not.   Perhaps it’s me in my “advancing maturity” and burgeoning cynicism. I’ve about had it with that time of year which starts around the fourth Thursday in November and caps itself off with the typically illegal display of new year inspired neighborhood fireworks which are […]