Who Doesn’t Deserve Your Vote?   Recently updated !

Okay, the case I’m about to make here has already been made ad nauseam. Even still, the blinders are still on, and I feel it only fitting at this point to make the case right here on the most important website you’ll visit today. This one goes out to all of you US citizens over […]

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Orchestrating 2016

Ya know, ladies and gentlemen….. There was a time on this very website where I would wax poetically about the political happenings of the day on what practically seems like a daily basis in an heroic, yet vain attempt to make my point known by all. I guess I got tired of doing it. I […]


Bill the Cat Trump

You Can Leave Now

Okay, now that Trump is just about done doing to the GOP establishment what he really needed to do, he needs to start designing a strategy to get the hell out of the race.   I doubt I’ve said it here to this point, so I’ll say it now.   The GOP has developed a […]

The Can, The Tip, & The Pin

It’s 3 am.   You’ve been asleep for hours.   Your perpetual somber is slated to end in 3, 2, 1…..   Boom.   Your bladder has woken you up with a specific demand.   There’s no need to tell you what that demand is.  Never the less, you have to drag your middle aged […]

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