An Open Response   Recently updated !

Dear Open Letter Writers,   You know who you are.   You’re the ones who have been writing open letters to those campaigning for the Presidency this time around and posting them on social networking with hopes of making them go viral.  You present yourself as a non-partisan individual who doesn’t pay attention to politics […]



Freak Searches

Mornin’ y’all.   The occasion that I wake up on any given morning, fire up the ole laptop and log into the control center that manages what should be the most widely visited and heavily referenced website on the whole worldwide web is an unequivocal “never”.   In fact, I’ve gotten to a point where […]

Defining TharpSter 2

Ladies and gentlemen, I have about six or seven different epic posts banging around in my head, and I can’t seem to take advantage of all the time I have this Labor Day weekend to type them up, finish them, and get them posted.   In fact, the only thing I really got achieved today […]


statue of liberty

Who Doesn’t Deserve Your Vote?

Okay, the case I’m about to make here has already been made ad nauseam. Even still, the blinders are still on, and I feel it only fitting at this point to make the case right here on the most important website you’ll visit today. This one goes out to all of you US citizens over […]